IMG_2287smallwaitingdonesmallExample reference photo and the resulting drawing

Colored Pencil Drawing Information:

I turned to colored pencil after trying practically every other medium and have fallen in love with the detail and depth that I can achieve with them. My art has been collected throughout the United States as well as Canada and Japan.

How to commission a drawing:

I work strictly from photographs. I prefer to take my own but obviously that will not always be possible online. I can create beautiful portraits from photographs that are emailed to me. If you are interested in a drawing, please contact me by email or phone and we will discuss what you would like, the specifics and the cost. Once everything is agreeable, you will mail (or give if you are local) me a small number of photos and will fill out a client information sheet that I provide you. We will both sign an agreement to assure all services and payments that have been agreed on will be met. The drawing would be completed in a matter of weeks and shipped, insured,(or given) to the you.

Reference photos: reference photos are incredibly important since they are all I have to go on with your drawing. There are some photos I simply can not work from be they too blurry, a bad angle, poor lighting, too small and so on. I understand that many people have photos in mind that they would like for me to use but sometimes that is not possible and I have to pre-approve every reference photo. It also helps to have one specific photo to work from as well as several photos of details (eyes, hairs, fur color, etc) to get the best drawing possible.

If you are local to this area, I would prefer to take my own reference photos if possible. In that event you will be able to choose from a small group of photos to assure you get the drawing you truly want.

If you are not local and plan to take your own photos, I have directions that I will email to you with details on how to get the best shot possible and samples of good photos and bad photos and can walk you through more information and detail if you so desire.

If you have your heart set on a specific photo I will take a look at it but I can not guarantee that it will be usable. Remember, the better the photo, the better the drawing.

I also do step-by-step blog posts of my current project so you can watch your drawing come to life as I work – Click here to see examples.

I also accept commissions for animals other than your own pets, such as wildlife, birds, marine life and so on. In addition to commissions I offer a variety of already completed drawings as well as other items (seen on on store page??)

I accept checks, money orders and paypal. I require a deposit of 1/3 of the price at the start of the commission and the rest when the painting is complete. Please see below for more terms and conditions.

Keep in mind that while I try to make sure the sizes of the completed drawings are close to exact, they may actually be off by about an inch in either direction.


8″ x 10″   $200.00

9″ x 12″   $300.00 – My Preferred Size

11″ x 14″  $400.00

 Other sizes are
available on request.


  • 30% extra for each additional large animal (after two) (i.e. horse)
  • 10% extra for each additional small animal (after two) (i.e. dog)
  • $30.00-200.00 for mat (depending on size)
  • shipping charges & travel cost, if any, to be determined
  • 2 or more animals must be on 11″ x 14″ paper or larger and no more than 1 animal on paper smaller than 11″ x 14″
  • Please ask if you would like something different than what is listed here.


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